Siberia Pro Cable Kit - 1xDT Connector

Siberia Pro Cable Kit - 1xDT Connector


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The Siberia Cable Set Professionals 1x DT is an ideal solution for connecting an LED bar with a maximum consumption of 156W with a DT connector, or 360W if the DT is cut. This cable set provides ample opportunities for professional assembly.

The Siberia Cable Set Professionals 1x DT comes with an adapter cable that allows for a smooth transition from a four-pole to a two-pole DT connector. Additionally, there is a blue cable (Signal 87A) that enables the transmission of current to a position light, among other things. This cable is used when switching to a multifunction relay.

To protect both the cable set and the DT connector from impact, wear, dirt, and water, a protective hose surrounds them.

To ensure a professional assembly, the cable set includes two waterproof and shrinkable splices, as well as a hose clamp, in case the cable needs to be cut for any reason. The splice creates a secure and tight closure after cutting, and the hose clamp reconnects the protective hose. If you need to cut the cable, cut at least 50cm from the relay to protect the cable from moisture.