Let´s present Siberia Tail light, a completely world-unique product on the market. A tail light in a shape of a LED bar with four E-approved functions – reversing light, indicator, brake light, and red position light approved as a tail light. A LED bar, ready to change the market with unique features.

With Siberia Tail light you get all your lighting needs into one LED bar. A product with four functions – where each function is equally important. The four functions are a reversing light with 1900 lumen, an indicator, a red position light approved as a tail light, and brake light in a deep, dark, red look that will make you stand out, both day and night. Every function is E-approved and comes with Strands Lighting Division´s unique 3-year function warranty.

Siberia Tail light is an excellent choice to improve your vehicle lighting and serves the purpose of drawing attention to the surroundings about your position when observed from behind. Easy to mount and has everything you need and want in terms of a LED bar in a slim-and no edge design.Install Siberia Tail light in a good-looking, and professional way with the included side or back brackets which are specially made to fit together with LED bars.

Included together with a 2,5 m cable. Perfect for mounting on the vehicle´s bumper back or at the top of the cab. Boost your passion with Siberia Taillight's unique design and get all the functions you need in a LED bar. - ONE LED BAR FOUR FUNCTIONS - WORLD-UNIQUE DESIGN- E-APPROVED AND 3 YEAR FUNCTION WARRANTY