Siberia Outlaw has very little in common with other LED bars in terms of the power that the light provides. With Siberia Outlaw comes a power package loaded with world-class technology, knowledge, and development. Shaped by the best reflector design, diodes, and circuit boards. With extreme components to create extremely much light. With 1 lux at 1220 meters or 1466 meters depending on the size of the LED bar. Siberia Outlaw is created for you who want to stand out and who both want to see and be seen. The light image is optimized and gives you a good width but also an unsurpassed light length. Outlaw is not experienced as a fragile ray but as a wall of light. Designed to be an outlaw.


With a yellow Strands logo, Siberia Outlaw differs from other LED bars. With Siberia Outlaw, you give yourself an investment for your and others safety. You see the road ahead of you and potential dangers much earlier and buy extra time to react. It can feel like a challenge to drive during the dark hours of the day, but with Siberia Outlaw you can see it as an invitation. Because Siberia Outlaw is the world’s strongest LED bar. Created to be simply the best.