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The first white driving light. Firefly Professional White is built to stand out by blending in. A result of cutting-edge engineering and our attention to detail. Here to set new standards.

Firefly Professional White pushes the boundaries of traditional colour design. The white colour introduces a new era of innovation and creativity. With a remarkable ability to create a sophisticated and luxurious look on your vehicle. The white will set the new standard for driving lights.

Firefly Professional White stands out from the crowd by not only being a powerful driving light with maximum performance but also including a warning light function that is E-approved according to ECE R65 class 1 and class 2. Ensuring visibility and safety in any situation. The warning light is seamlessly integrated into the driving light’s design, remaining invisible when not in use and capturing the attention of all observers when activated.

This driving light is sure to impress anyone who sees it. The crisp, extremely wide beam pattern delivers 12076 actual lumens of pure, white light at over 500 meters that guide you forward with clarity and precision. It also has a unique floating dual-position light perfectly positioned around the LEDs. Creating a halo of light and giving the impression of a weightless intense glow in the air. Just like a sunset on a late summer evening. Ready to guide you forward like a Firefly.

Firefly introduces a new, invisible design that seamlessly integrates with your vehicle. It is a result of cutting-edge engineering and our attention to detail. The invisible design makes your vehicle´s exterior uncompromised and embraces functionality and style. The design will enhance the future of driving, where visibility and beauty coexist harmoniously on the roads.

The all-in-one solution simplifies the installation and eliminates the need to mount several different lights. Mount with the included mounting bracket, screws, and the 1-meter cable. Connect it easily with the DT-6 contact included in the package. Perfect for light commercial vehicles and trucks needing the warning light function. With its mounting options and invisible design, will this driving light stand out by blending in with your vehicle. Ready to guide you forward toward your next mission.