809240 description

Become a professional with the Unity series. Comes with a perfectly smooth look and a revolutionary strong light output. Extreme power made for demanding tasks.

The Unity series contains seven models, from 10 W to 149 W, and deliver, depending on the size, from 931 to 13,000 actual lumens. The extensive engineering gives you an optimized light spread where you need it the most.

Unity comes in an infinity design. The lens stretches into the corners, providing a great look, resisting dirt, and allowing the light output to reach its full potential. The slim design perfectly matches today´s modern vehicles needing work lights like trucks, tractors, trailers, construction, or agricultural machinery.

When it comes to powerful lighting, they usually produce more heat, which means the lamp can break. The built-in temperature control prevents that, and the function protects the lamp and decreases the power until the light is cooled down. This function makes the Unity series one of the most durable products on the market.