809235 description

Elevate your professionalism with the Unity series, featuring a seamlessly smooth design and a revolutionary powerful light output tailored for demanding tasks. With seven models ranging from 10 W to 149 W, delivering 931 to 13,000 actual lumens depending on the size, the Unity series ensures optimized light distribution where needed the most.

Adopting an infinity design, Unity's lens elegantly extends into the corners, providing a sleek appearance, resisting dirt, and maximizing light output potential. The slim design is a perfect match for today's modern vehicles requiring work lights, such as trucks, tractors, trailers, construction, or agricultural machinery.

In addressing the challenge of powerful lighting generating excess heat, which may lead to lamp breakage, the built-in temperature control prevents such issues. This protective function intelligently decreases power until the light cools down, establishing the Unity series as one of the most durable products available in the market.