809233 Description

Elevate your work to new heights with Unity Mini Round, the next generation of work lighting designed to maximize your productivity. With its slim design revolutionizing strong light output, boasting an actual 1000 lumens, this work light is crafted to illuminate even the toughest environments. The Infinity design, extending the lens to the corners, not only enhances the overall impression but also provides a wide and even light pattern without shadows, meeting increased requirements for dirt resistance.

Its sleek design and compact size make Unity Mini Round a perfect fit for modern vehicles requiring work lighting, including trucks, tractors, trailers, construction, and agricultural machinery. While powerful lights often generate excess heat leading to potential failure, the built-in temperature control in the Unity series prevents this issue. The function safeguards the lamp by reducing output until the light cools down, ensuring durability and making it one of the most robust products in the market.