809230 Description


Unity Interior Lights, featuring a distinctive design tailored for optimal functionality. Crafted to deliver the most comfortable light at a colour temperature of 5000K, these lights ensure ideal working conditions, irrespective of the vehicle they are mounted in. Specifically designed to suit a variety of vehicles requiring interior lighting, Unity Interior Lights eliminate dark spaces within cars and trucks, providing complete illumination for seamless work performance.

Available in three sizes—281 mm, 505 mm, and 953 mm—choose the dimension that best fits your vehicle's interior. The selected size determines the output, offering 420, 835, or 1630 actual lumens. With a versatile multivolt function (10-30V DC), these lights are suitable for installation on a range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, trailers, tractors, and construction or agricultural machinery. No matter your vehicle, experience powerful and unique interior lighting designed to enhance your workspace, fueled by our passion for innovative lighting solutions.

The 5000K colour temperature provides a comfortable and effective work light, fostering optimal working conditions. The lights boast an operating temperature range of -35°C to +45°C and are waterproof, meeting IP67 standards. Encased in an aluminum housing with a durable transparent PC (polycarbonate) lens, these lights guarantee longevity and resilience. Installation is hassle-free with the included 2.5m cable and the option to use clips or screws. Additionally, benefit from Strands Lighting Division's exclusive three-year function warranty, ensuring peace of mind and reliability.