809209 Description


Command the darkness with Siberia NRS White, boasting the most powerful beam pattern in our lineup, set to revolutionize the future with an unparalleled lighting experience extending over 900 meters. Siberia NRS White delivers a commanding long-distance light beam, exceeding 900 meters, an impressive light output of over 11,800 lumens, and a comfortable color temperature of 5700 Kelvin. The LEDs' power strikes a perfect balance of length and width, making it a top choice globally.

For both cars and trucks, installing at least two lights enhances and pushes the limits for both length and width. A car with three lights achieves an impressive 900-meter long-distance light beam, illuminating a width of over 100 meters at 400 meters away. Trucks equipped with ten lights benefit from an outstanding long-distance light beam, revealing objects like snow poles that are 1200 meters away.

Siberia NRS White surpasses expectations, elevating your vehicle with an all-white housing, high-end materials, and components seamlessly blending in. The white color design enhances overall appearance, adds elegance to your vehicle's exterior, and provides a custom-made look.

Choose between amber or white with Siberia NRS White's superb dual-position light, positioned in a circle with a breaking line in the middle for a standout light effect. This driving light takes durability to new heights, ensuring high standards with outstanding quality. Installation is simple and stable with a robust bracket featuring effective vibration-dampening rubber pads. A dedicated hole for the top stay/stabilizer allows for additional reinforcement, ensuring a stable and reliable setup.

Mount effortlessly with screws, utilize the 0.5-meter cable, and connect seamlessly with the included DT-4 contact. Ideal for cars, trucks, and heavier vehicles, Siberia NRS White unlocks innovation, cutting-edge design, and unparalleled lighting performance, providing an experience like never before.